Donations are an important part of any ministry. We place prayer at the top of the list, but there is a practical element that cannot be ignored. Not everyone can physically journey to where the need is or send practical aid. We at Ezra, with our partners in Israel and the Middle East identify needs and seek to bring practical help, either it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

Giving financially is a very meaningful way of remembering those that are in prison or being persecuted.

Ezra’s purpose and mandate is in harmony with the Voice of the Martyrs declaration.            

‘Remember those in chains, as if chained with them’.

 Hebrew 13: 3

Also Israel is very central to the work of Ezra Resources. This is amplified by the significance that Yahweh has placed on Israel and in particular Jerusalem.

‘Truly God is good to Israel. To such as are pure in heart’.

Psalm 73: 1

There are two areas that you can choose to donate.

Donating Directly to Projects:  You can allocate your donation specifically to a project or to one of our partners. The total amount donated will go directly to where you require it to go.

Donating to Operations:  Ezra Resources also seeks to raise awareness and have a prophetic voice in these days.  These donations will also enable Ezra to identify needs and ensure the projects are relevant and genuinely helping the persecuted.

‘He who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together’.

John 4: 36

 You can donate directly to our Bank Account.  12-3147-0486731-00

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