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The Stance of Christopher Waid

CW ChChShootings

Christopher Waid, a linen-weaver from Dartford in Kent, believed the bread and wine during the communion service were simply emblems. Symbols of the blood and body of the Lord Jesus.  He openly distanced himself from the practice of Mass; and would not renounce this view when arrested in June 1555.  Consequently, on 19th July 1555, due to not compromising his convictions, he was burned at the stake for heresy. 

Since the terrible shootings in Christchurch, there has not only been a change of attitude towards the Muslim community, but towards Christianity in general.  Many have applauded the Prime Minister for her swift action regarding the new ‘Firearms Law’, though a great number disagree strongly. The media continues to push and promote the liberal PC standpoint, even using the ‘Hate Speech’ as a vehicle to marginalise Christians.

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Muhammad Acknowledged Israel as a Nation

Israel Palestinian flag

When Jesus was 3 days journey from Jerusalem, The Pharisees sought to trick him regarding King Herod. Jesus having referred to Herod as a ‘fox’, [Luke 13: 31-32.] continues...

PoliceO Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing!...”for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”  Matthew 23: 37 & 38

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The Solar ECLIPSE: ‘Sign of God’s Judgement?’ Part I

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 01

Well the internet has been buzzing for months leading up to the solar eclipse which took place on Monday 21st August across America. This for many was an amazing sight, but for others, statements of God’s pending judgment have foolishly been plentiful.  With the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Harvey giving Houston a real significant hammering, it saddens me that some evangelical teachers have openly said that it is too much of a coincidence to say it is not God’s judgement. In fact, one particularly well known evangelical teacher, [who will not be named] is making the boast that he predicted this solar eclipse as clearly a ‘sign of God’s pending judgment’ back in 2014.

It is very clear from a Biblical perspective that God will judge this world, and yes soon. How soon you may ask? It is realistic to consider that the generation that will see the end of the world is living today. 

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The Solar Eclipse ‘Signs of Gods Judgment?’ Part II

Solar ECLIPSE pt2 01

As I pen Part II of this article, Hurricane Irma is heading for the coast of Florida and the internet is getting its fair share of Prophets of doom. Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to interpreting the meaning of natural disasters. Though I am sure there is going to be a great amount of destruction by Hurricane Irma, and many will become homeless. Many misguided religious Christians will be making it very clear that this is God’s judgment for the sins of America. Let us not entertain that this is Gods judgment and linking it with the Solar Eclipse on the 21st August and the coming signs of 23rd September, which has become known as the Revelation 12 sign.

The Solar Eclipse of August and the sign later this month does have Biblical significance. Sadly the majority of Christians are either not interested or they just plainly don’t believe that these signs have any biblical significance, or they have become so cynical about any signs regarding the last days that they have embraced a theology that removes any pending signs of disasters.   

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Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?

Is Peace Possible 1The answer believe it or not is a simple Yes; but to achieve this is very much something else.  Politicians have tried to achieve this and even the United Nations continually attempt to resolve the issue with the Palestinian’s and Israel, but to no avail.

The whole conflict problem in the Middle East is not political, nor is it about land and sovereignty. The problem is spiritual. To clarify, there are those that claim if it were possible to have no religion represented in Israel, especially in Jerusalem so that it became a secular society, then the problem would go away.  Of course this is not possible nor is it the answer, for the problem would not go away that is for sure.

Just in the past few weeks we have seen violence erupt on the Temple Mount. This was followed by a killing of a Jewish family living in the West Bank. The Israeli government aiming to secure the area and make it safe, placed metal detectors and cameras at the entrance of the Temple Mount. This was seen as another attempt to limit the Palestinians use of their place of worship.  This triggered an uprising of violence in many cities throughout the West Bank, which in turn forced the Israeli government to remove the new security measures.  It highlights the strength of feeling when you consider that metal detectors are not an issue at other Muslim sites, like Mecca, but in Jerusalem it was greeted with great suspicion and outright anger when it was introduced on the Temple Mount.

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