There are various partnerships with a varying degree of involvement.

handshakeIndividuals: This is a partnership that any individual can be involved irrespective of age. As with any partnership it is dependent on relationship. This is something that Ezra values, especially in relation to communication. We value the contributions that individuals can bring so we are keen to develop these relationships. All individuals that desire to partner with Ezra, will be able to raise questions or concerns with the Operations Director.

Churches: This is a partnership with a church, irrespective of denomination. The partnership is based totally on relationship rather than any expectation of support from the church. Ezra will directly update the church on new projects or breaking news. There would be a responsibility to contribute to the church in terms of awareness of what is taking place in the Middle East. This regarding issues of persecution and prophetic significance.

Project partnership: This is a partnership that can be set for a period of time. Generally focussed on a specific project that the individual can be involved all the way to the coalface if desired. A proactive focus locally and possibly nationally depending on the strategy for the project.

Mission partnership: This is for those that have a desire to be proactive on a local and national level and would be available to undertake a voluntary role for Ezra.

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