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Why is God Silent?

Written by Roy Warren

Why Is God Silent 01

The Covid-19 has hit this world hard, and the shockwaves are still being felt around the world.  We have known since the New Year that this virus had the potential to be a world Pandemic. With all the resources and teaching material available to Christians, and the thousands of Apostolic and Prophetic ministries throughout the world, not one had a prophetic word, or a word of knowledge predicting this world event. Yes, not one. Ok, there are very weak claims that there were prophetic statements made, but let us be real and honest.

Where was the New Testament office of the Prophet?

No sign of an ‘Agabus’ on social media or the local Christian channel. The best we can come up with is a prophecy David Wilkinson gave back in 1986, saying that there would be a world plague that would hit New York hard. This epidemic would bring about the third spiritual awaking to America and with it harvest of souls.

We are told in Acts 11: 27-30, that Agabus showed by the Holy Spirit, that there was going to be a great famine throughout the world, which happened in the days of Claudius Caesar. This prophetic utterance, would be classed as a Prophecy, [though some may view it was a ‘Word of Knowledge’], enabling the church to be prepared throughout Judea. This inspired practical responses, including Barnabas & Saul, [Paul] to take the aid themselves to the Elders throughout Judea.

For us in the 21st Century, where it seems that the majority of Pastors, claim either to be Apostolic or Prophetic, [especially in the mega churches of the West], are spoilt for the supernatural of the Holy Spirit, yet not one of the Ephesians 4 giftings delivered such a warning, [Ep 4: 11].  Why is this? 

Some may say that this just proves the lack of genuine anointing on the church leaders in the West, or that the Charismatics & Pentecostals have their doctrine all wrong. It is so easy to lay criticism at church leaders, irrespective of their denomination, when there is lack of Apostolic or Prophetic integrity. Of course, there are some very genuine Christian leaders, that fulfil the biblical qualification and are the real deal, but yet there was silence leading up to this major world event.

Why Is God Silent 02

It is very clear this is not God’s judgment; such a view is very naïve and not helpful. God will one day judge this world for sure, but that period of time has not yet begun. These events have really rocked the church in the West regarding church programs, but it has not affected the persecuted church. Seriously!! The underground church in China is still growing and flourishing, Christians in the Middle Eastern countries like, Iraq, Iran and Syria are still seeing Muslims come to Christ. However, the Church in the West irrespective of denomination, have been forced to adapt to this crisis suddenly.

Why Is God Silent 03

Here at Ezra, we believe there is an important reason why God was silent on the matter of warning. It is clear that God loves His church, just as Paul reminds us in Ephesians 5: 25 yet no warning of a world epidemic. Silence of this magnitude brings us not to a point of judgement but ‘Discipline’. The Church is being disciplined as viewed in Hebrews 12: 4-11. This article does not lend for a full explanation, but to simply note that ‘Discipline’ is for a season. The virus will pass, the world will slowly navigate its way through a world recession, and I just wonder if any of the Apostolic & Prophetic leaders around the world will actually get what is going on here. If not, then it will be back to church as normal, same programs, same routines, same vision and the same ministry diets.   Proverbs 3:11-12