News from Maoz Israel

Maoz is a Messianic Jewish organisation based in the heart of Tel Aviv. Reaching Israelis with the Good News of the Gospel and reaching the nations with the truth about Israel.

Monthly Report: October 2018

In this issue

  • How I learned to pray the prayer of faith on the Mount of Olives
  • Eliezer Ben Yehuda - Father of the modern Hebrew language. Part 2: The Visionary
  • Bringing the truth of Israel to Brazil
  • A Sign Of The Times - 60 Children From 25 Messianic Congregations Throughout Israel!
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Monthly Report: November 2018

In this issue

  • Father of the modern Hebrew language. Part 3: the world’s very first “Hebrew child”
  • Bringing hope to the Arab people
  • Visiting Canada’s lovers of Israel!
  • Maoz' partners bless an extraordinary musical family
  • Publishing a bible so that the people of the book can understand the book
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