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AleppoThe media is filled with news from Aleppo, people are being evacuated, many civilians are still trapped, hundreds of children have lost their lives in a conflict they didn’t chose.

But even in the midst of darkness, we have faith that God is at work. Brother “John” a Syrian field worker who grew up in Syria recently shared this with VOM: “There is still a lot of suffering, a lot of agony, but the good thing is, we are seeing people turning to God. Basically the suffering is boxing people in to see their only hope is through the gospel. They see that ultimate salvation is Christ, not in their powers, not in their resources, not in security or safety.

We are seeing a lot of people turning to Christ. We even see a high number of radical Islamists who are in Syria seeing hope in Jesus Christ. Also we are seeing nominal Christians turning to God.”
Join us in praying for those who are suffering in Syria and also standing with the Syrian church as they remain faithful and reach the lost with the hope of Jesus. #persecutedfamily #pray #syria#Aleppo

Suffering Is Not A New Truth

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the blog of Eternal Perspective Ministries with Randy Alcorn. It was written by Tami Yeager ahead of this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP).

“Suffering is not a new truth, it is an old truth.” — Sarah Liu imprisoned and tortured for her Christian witness.

This coming Sunday the 6th day of November, 2016 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Christians from around the globe will set aside time to honor, remember, and pray for our persecuted family. I am grateful for the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with those of whom the world is not worthy. I pray that this day is the beginning of a deeper fellowship with our persecuted family.

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Afghanistan: “What It Means to Die for Jesus”

One of the great blessings of travelling for VOM is meeting bold and on-fire believers serving Jesus in hostile and restricted nations. That great blessing comes with a heavy burden, though. Especially when those believers–people we know and love, people with whom our staff have shared fellowship–come under severe persecution. This week on VOM Radio, Jeremy, part of VOM’s international team, will tell us about that burden. We’ll learn what it’s like to get that phone call that says one of our partners–and a close friend–has been gunned down in Afghanistan.

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Martyr’s Widow: “Peace came over me”

In the second half of our conversation, Hannelie Groenewald recalls the day her husband and two teen-aged children were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. She tells us which Psalm she read over and over again as she waited to hear whether her family was alive or dead, and the amazement of Afghans at her ability to forgive the Taliban murderers.

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