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Pray for Egyptian Bus Attack Victims and Families

Egypt bus attack 3 300x171VOM workers reported early Saturday morning that at least 27 Christians were killed in an armed attack on a bus. The bus was on its way to visit a monastery, when it was stopped by 10 armed men. They boarded the bus and asked passengers for their religion. When the attackers learned they were Christians, they opened fire. Children were among the about 50 Christians on board. The local VOM worker reports that many of the injuries are severe, and more martyrs are expected before the end of the day as people succumb to their injuries.

How you can pray:

  • Please lift up the victims, their families and the nation of Egypt this week.
  • Pray for all the families affected.
  • Pray for Egyptian Christians under increasing attack.
  • Pray also for the attackers.

Israel: Believers’ Homes Attacked

Israel 11 5 17Messianic believers in southern Israel have been the target of a violent protest over a new meeting centre that’s just opened in Dimona.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews caused a disturbance outside the new Messianic meeting place last Thursday – then took their protest out into the community, attacking believers’ homes.

Those behind the attacks last week are thought to be linked with the anti-missionary organisation, Yad L’Achim. After protesting outside the Messianic centre, they attacked the home of the leaders Albert and Esther Knoester and that of another member of the congregation, breaking windows and causing other damage. There were children in both houses at the time, and they were said to be extremely frightened.

Attacks on Messianic congregations in Israel are common: the one in Arad town reportedly suffers harassment almost daily, and several church buildings have been attacked in recent years.

Sources: Middle East Concern, Release International

  • Please pray that our almighty God will comfort and strengthen Messianic believers in Dimona and across Israel. Pray that they will know He will protect them ‘in the day of trouble’ (Psalm 27:5).
  • Ask God for wisdom for Albert and Esther and for other families in their congregation: pray they will continue to witness to their community, despite opposition.
  • Pray that Israeli officials will deal effectively with those responsible for these incidents, for the sake of religious tolerance in their nation.

Egypt: Bombing of Coptic Churches Kill at Least 49 on Palm Sunday

Our hearts are breaking over the series of bombings targeting Christians in Egypt yesterday.
The BBC is reporting at least 45 people have been killed, with many more injured, after IS (Islamic State) set off bombs at three Coptic churches in Alexandria and Tanta during their Palm Sunday services. The group has targeted Copts in Egypt recently and has warned of more attacks. The Egyptian government has declared a three-month state of emergency in response to the attacks.

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Middle East: Former Muslim Now Following Christ

MiddleEast 11 5 17Pastor ‘Abraham’ works in an area with a high concentration of Syrian refugees. He often struggled with fear when sharing the Gospel with Muslims, but then he had an experience where the Lord told him not to fear.

Soon after that, ‘Fadi’, a Syrian man who once associated with extremist Muslims, came to see him. When he arrived at Abraham’s home, Abraham boldly told Fadi that Islam was inspired by Satan. Abraham then walked closer to him and said, “God is here beside you now. He is putting his hand on your shoulder, asking you, ‘What do you want?’” “I want salvation,” Fadi answered. Abraham shared the Gospel with Fadi and prayed with him. He soon came to faith in Christ, and four months ago, Abraham baptised Fadi.

Fadi and his wife, also now a Christian, share God’s love in their refugee camp.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of Pastor Abraham, in sharing the Gospel even though he has been fearful.
  • Pray that Fadi’s powerful testimony will draw many Muslims, including other extremists, into a relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit may be at work in a miraculous way in drawing Muslims to Christ, throughout the Middle East.

Sudan: fatal stabbing of church elder

Christians in Sudan request prayer against ongoing attempts to seize church property, which led to the fatal stabbing of a church elder on 3rd April.

Against the wishes of the church denomination, the government has imposed an illegal committee on the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church. Since 2013 this committee has been selling church properties to businessmen aligned with the government. Dozens of churches have been affected.

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