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Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?

Written by Roy Warren

Is Peace Possible 1The answer believe it or not is a simple Yes; but to achieve this is very much something else.  Politicians have tried to achieve this and even the United Nations continually attempt to resolve the issue with the Palestinian’s and Israel, but to no avail.

The whole conflict problem in the Middle East is not political, nor is it about land and sovereignty. The problem is spiritual. To clarify, there are those that claim if it were possible to have no religion represented in Israel, especially in Jerusalem so that it became a secular society, then the problem would go away.  Of course this is not possible nor is it the answer, for the problem would not go away that is for sure.

Just in the past few weeks we have seen violence erupt on the Temple Mount. This was followed by a killing of a Jewish family living in the West Bank. The Israeli government aiming to secure the area and make it safe, placed metal detectors and cameras at the entrance of the Temple Mount. This was seen as another attempt to limit the Palestinians use of their place of worship.  This triggered an uprising of violence in many cities throughout the West Bank, which in turn forced the Israeli government to remove the new security measures.  It highlights the strength of feeling when you consider that metal detectors are not an issue at other Muslim sites, like Mecca, but in Jerusalem it was greeted with great suspicion and outright anger when it was introduced on the Temple Mount.

To achieve any kind of peace there must be some kind of reconciliation.  The possibility of reconciliation is a pipe dream for many politicians, especially for the Palestinians who view themselves as the victims of an aggressor. The whole political scene within the two Palestinian communities is a shambles. On the West Bank, Fata have limited dialog with the Israeli government, while dealing with a strange civil war of their own.  The Gaza Strip which is governed by Hamas will not even attempt to reconcile with the leaders of the Fata party in the West Bank. Also Hamas have broken off all political communication with the Israeli government. To add to the whole turmoil of the situation, for the past few years there has been a major power struggle between Fata and Hamas.

So there is not only conflict between Jews and Arabs, but also Arabs with Arabs. Of course there is conflict within the Jewish communities which is openly expressed in the democratic process that is seen throughout the western world. 

Is Peace Possible 2So is there a chance of any kind of reconciliation?

The answer to this is a loud and certain yes!!

Giving the Palestinians sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaze Strip will not bring peace. Removing the concrete walls and check points will not bring peace.  Even giving Fata and Hamas the right to have their own military forces would certainly not bring peace.

So what will bring peace?

Well certainly not religion, for many would say that religion has caused more wars then actually ending them.  The answer is one man alone.  That is Jesus, Yeshua. He is known as the ‘Prince of Peace’, being one of the titles that describe who He is. [ Isaiah 9: 6 ]

Is Peace Possible 3Sadly there are many religions / cults that are wrapped around His name and many wars have been fought in His name, but this is not about religion or even a belief.  The whole problem, not only in the Middle East but throughout the world is the condition of the heart. Where there is so much anger, pain, suffering and hatred, how can a heart contemplate such forgiveness in the midst of great wrong?

Well, right now there is reconciliation taking place between Jews and Arabs. The reconciliation is real and not a cosmetic political stunt. Messianic Jews and Arab Christians are being reconciled through Jesus/Yeshua,  due to having their hearts touched, healed and made new by the transformation of the Holy Spirit.

Many do not understand this phenomenon, but be assured; right now Jews and Arabs are meeting together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Religion is unable to do this, politicians are unable to achieve this, but this is the glorious gospel at work. We at Ezra are thrilled to partner with Maoz Israel in this amazing work. 

Joseph Haddad a Lebanese Pastor is a good friend of Maoz Israel.  Here Pastor Joseph is laying hands and praying for two Israeli soldiers at the Tiferet Yeshua congregation. 

The main goal of the work of Ezra is to bring hope to the Middle East. We know that eventually the Lord Jesus Himself will come in person and complete the work. But until that day, we labour with our brothers and sisters to bring about pockets of reconciliation, demonstrating that only the good news of the gospel is able to achieve a genuine peace.

Is Peace Possible 4

Lebanese Pastor Joseph Haddad prays for Israeli soldiers