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The Solar ECLIPSE: ‘Sign of God’s Judgement?’ Part I

Written by Roy Warren

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 01

Well the internet has been buzzing for months leading up to the solar eclipse which took place on Monday 21st August across America. This for many was an amazing sight, but for others, statements of God’s pending judgment have foolishly been plentiful.  With the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Harvey giving Houston a real significant hammering, it saddens me that some evangelical teachers have openly said that it is too much of a coincidence to say it is not God’s judgement. In fact, one particularly well known evangelical teacher, [who will not be named] is making the boast that he predicted this solar eclipse as clearly a ‘sign of God’s pending judgment’ back in 2014.

It is very clear from a Biblical perspective that God will judge this world, and yes soon. How soon you may ask? It is realistic to consider that the generation that will see the end of the world is living today. 

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 02Here at Ezra Resources we are not in the business of naming dates & times for future events, but will openly challenge irresponsible teaching that is not helpful to those that are suffering.

Many innocent people, including Godly Men, Women and children who love the Lord Jesus are today homeless due to the flooding in Houston. To label this tragedy as God’s judgement, due to the sins of America, is not only naive and foolish but very dangerous.

Ezra Resources seeks to aid and support those that are suffering due to persecution in the Middle East.  These individuals do not deserve persecution, but accept it as part and parcel of being a disciple of Jesus.  They understand very well, that their suffering and hardship has nothing to do with God’s judgment. Persecution and the suffering church should never be viewed as God’s judgment. It is very clear that Christians will face increased persecution and greater hardship in the coming years. However, we should not make the mistake that when natural disasters take lives of Christians, it is God’s judgement or even His will for their lives.

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 03

The reason why we are having an increase of natural disasters is simply that our planet is dying.  As it continues to degenerate due to the ‘original fall’, it will lead us to a series of events which will eventually be God’s judgement.  The Bible refers to this period of time as ‘Jacob’s Trouble’. Jeremiah 30: 6-7/ Daniel 12:1

Of course, there are consequences that can come upon us, even though we are innocent, this is referred to as ‘Legal Right’.  This should not be mistaken for God’s judgment. The classic example of ‘Legal Right’ can be observed when a man called Achan decided to be disobedient and break covenant. What followed due to Achan’s actions is that Israel went out to battle against Ai and was defeated.  Thirty-six innocent men died.  Joshua 7. This was not God’s judgment, but the consequences of breaking covenant. There was ‘Legal Right’ which enabled Satan to impose a claim due to the trespass of Achan.   When a nation turns away from Biblical truth and commits disobedience then there are consequences. 

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 04

Regarding the total Solar Eclipse of 21st August 2017, it does have significance, though not every solar eclipse has a prophetic meaning. It is imperative that we understand the signs of the times, as we are clearly told by Jesus himself that there will be signs in the sun, moon and in the stars. Luke 21: 25. We are also told way back in Genesis 1: 14, that the lights in the heavens are for signs, seasons, days and years. The word for ‘season’ in Hebrew is ‘moedim’. This Hebrew word is not referring to the four seasons of a year, but is referring to the ‘feasts’. It is relating to the biblical calendar that was introduced by Moses. These feasts/festivals were associated with specific sacrifices.  Today the nation of Israel operates two calendars’, [which can be quite confusing] but both are based on the cycle of lunar phases. The Gregorian Calendar, [which is widely accepted as standard in the world], is based on the earth’s revolution around the sun.

So, when we begin to consider signs as having a prophetic meaning we must start at the basics.  Most seasoned Rabbi’s and sound evangelical prophetic teachers fundamentally agree that signs associated with the moon are a sign for Israel.  When there is a sign associated with the sun it is to do with the gentile nations.  This does not mean every time we have a blood moon, or lunar eclipse it has a prophetic meaning. This is the same with Solar eclipses, it does not necessarily mean that something significant will happen and God is warning us of pending judgment.

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The blood moons have been quite topical over the past few years, and many things have been said by what it all means. Many Christian leaders have made bold claims about the significance of these signs, which have been proven false, sadly discrediting sound biblical teaching relating to their true meaning. 

So, what should our approach be to such signs?

Firstly, we need to consider the character of God and examine the scriptures. This may seem very basic, but a comprehensive survey of the Old and New Testament are essential. There are no shortcuts, and the answer is not to seek out and find a New Testament prophet who will give us the answer. There is no substitute for a healthy search of the scriptures.

Secondly, it is very healthy to openly talk about it, especially with mature Christians and those in leadership.

Thirdly, it is imperative we keep an open mind and a discerning heart as we consider the specific sign.

Finally, watch and pray. 

It is significant due to the timing of this Solar eclipse and the nature of its path. Hurricane Harvey is not associated with the prophetic meaning of the Eclipse. There have been several Hurricanes historically that have hit Houston, and many more will hit America, even greater than Harvey. This does not mean it is God’s judgment. God has not yet begun to judge this world yet, these are just birth pains of what is to come.

Solar ECLIPSE pt1 06

In Part II we will look at the significance of the Solar eclipse and how it relates to the major sign that many are referring to as the Revelation 12 sign.